Let’s face it; men do not like to go shopping. Those who do like to shop are a rare breed and if you find such a man, do not let him go! Anyways, jokes aside, it is a universal fact that men do not like to shop. Moreover, they do not like to try dozens of clothes before buying. However, if after purchasing, any of the clothes are uncomfortable, they will not take the liberty to return it or try to wear it in. It will be dumped in the never to wear pile which can grow at alarming speed if this attitude persists.

The most comfortable and relied upon attire by men are their jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down or wear them pretty much everywhere you want. They absolutely have to fit well or all hell will break loose. But since men hate to shop and try on, shopping for best mens jeans is a big chore which has to be done fast but also right. We have tried to distinguish male body types, jeans fit as well as it rise to help the ordinary man shop faster, but accurately for their most used and favorite attire.

Men or even women for that matter do not know that there are three considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of jeans:
– The fit
– The rise
– The body type

The Fit

Jeans commonly come in four types of fits. Not all fits are becoming on every individual. You have to find a fit which best suits you.


This is the newest addition to jeans fit. As the name suggests it is a tighter fit with a narrower leg opening. It is usually low to mid-rise.

Slim fit (straight leg)

This fit is neither too tight nor too loose. It is straight from the hip but gets slim after the thigh. It usually comes in mid-rise.

Regular fit (boot cut)

It is a straight legged pair of jeans which is straight through out from the knee to the hem and a wider leg opening.

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