There are various natural makeup formulae available in the market these days that are sure to provide you with a sensual and gorgeous variety to show off with. Believe me when I say this, makeup products haven’t been more pure and innovative than they are currently.

Every girl is beautiful both on the inside and outside in her own unique way. Don’t you feel that these harsh makeup products are affecting your skin and you need to switch to mild natural ones to maintain your skin’s inner glow and freshness? I agree that replacing all your chemical products with natural makeup products is not as simple as it sounds since majority of the good makeup brands out there claim to be completely natural but they actually do utilize chemical elements and conceal those while listing their ingredients on their packaging.

Do you wish to look the hottest without wanting to spend a lot over the makeup? Obviously you do and the Physical Formula brand guarantees to give you this dream look that you’ve always wanted. All items for the Physical Formula brand are accepted by the dermatologists and are accessible at affordable rates. This is why it is the number one organic makeup brand that rules the hearts of all women who have used it. You can easily purchase these natural makeup products from any neighbourhood drugstore.

This German brand is renowned for providing amazing products containing pure elements, organic minerals and herbal extracts. Dr. Hauschka brand is famous for winning innumerable green makeup accolades and awards in many different types. This brand was established in 1967 and is 2nd best organic makeup brand in the world. Dr. Hauschka firmly believes that every woman must develop her health and enrich her beauty and this is also their main slogan. All items for this brand are created to suit every skin type and enhance the face’s inner glow from within. Makeup items from this brand include products for lips, eyes, skin, face and hair.

If you haven’t tried this brand up till now you are majorly missing out a lot. This brand uses elements in their makeup items that are imported from different countries around the globe as they aim to include the best of everything into their products. Some elements are created in their specialized labs that have been verified by top dermatologists for providing makeup products that are free from gluten and animal brutality. All makeup and beauty products from this range are full of verified herbal products and the packaging is also created using aluminium boxes that are environmental friendly. You should definitely try out the Ilia tinted lip conditioners, mascara, illuminators and lipsticks. All items from these groups are used by hundreds of ladies and have a rating of 4.6 or more on all public makeup forums. Read more