It doesn’t matter if your t-shirt is big and oversized when you can only gather the base of your shirt and twist it on itself to make a cute knot! It is one vogue look that requires only five seconds to put it together. The extra jersey fabric won’t be trouble at all, and it fits too.

The idea of knotting oversized shirts outfits is especially for those ladies who are not inclined to wear a loose fit t-shirt. Transform your huge tees into well fitting top outfits and rock your looks.

It makes a fabulous crop top in seconds and goes perfectly with almost everything from stylish slacks to worn off denim.

Slipping a baggy shirt under a high-waist skirt is the cushiest way of wearing oversized tee. Above all the skirt will additionally highlight your waistline and lean the shirt in the right spot. Tuck your oversized tee into a skirt for adding remarkable elegance and glamour to your look. Equilibrate with some beautiful accessory, and we are done with a lady style.

A chic vintage outlook is achieved by tucking white oversized t-shirt inside mini flared skirt. Complete the look with your best heels for dinners.

For a carefree and casual look, keep your t-shirt hanging loose outside. Style your tee with a chic skirt like denim to maintain the outfit balanced. To add in the oomph factor, wear cool looking flats or ballerinas.

Move ahead and make an hourglass figure by wearing a white oversized t-shirt, leggings or ripped jeans, and an informal belt. It will surely make your casual night-out flawless, acting as a crisp tunic. This idea works best with large t-shirts that are too wide across the shoulder and are longer in the body.

If your oversized t-shirt happens to be long and large, put on a conspicuous belt that gives a standing out an impact with your oversized tees. Harmonize it with a hat or large sack to look effortlessly chic. A pair of footless or dark leggings will do. Interestingly, this outfit will go well as a beach wear and is super comfy.

If you are keen on this idea, however, your oversized tee is too wide at the top then do a bit of sewing research. You will see that altering it to fit your body is not impossible.

Show off your thin shoulder line by wearing an oversized tee off your shoulder. Leave it baggy or tuck it in your shorts, whichever way you have a liking for brandishing it. To amp up your chic look you can do with a bustier or a contrast camisole. For the off-shoulder thing to work its trick, simply let the loose neck of your t-shirt fall on one side of the shoulder.

Break out the scissors and precisely cut your tee from the corner of one shoulder to the point of other. Take care to trim over the neckline equitable on both the front and the back. Voila! You have a retro eighties perfect shirt. Nip the midsection with a belt and wear with a nice strapped sport bra to augment the effect.

If you have the abs to pull it off, you might need to experiment with a mid-nineties full fitting cropped look. Put on your oversized shirt and make a stamp where you’d like to sit once you have cut it. Take it off again and work with a couple of scissors. Ensure to cut it straight and perfectly and unless you’re going for a grungy DIY feeling leave room so you can sew a basic fix.

Tie your tee higher than usual for a change to flaunt a little skin of yours. What an impeccable summer style look that looks hot, fun and fresh when coupled with high waist shorts or a skater shirt.

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