The actual top makeup tips for looking glamorous with makeup is to know what type of face you have, what color suits you the best, how much makeup you should apply and the techniques to apply to give your face a more natural glow and beauty. The moment you know these things, it will just take few minutes of your time every morning to make your best features more prominent and conceal those that you do not want people to notice. Following are the best that you would have prayed that you would have known since a long time.


This fast and easy technique will provide you with an immediate eye lift. Give your eyes a dramatic look by drawing an arch right above your eyebrow using a highlighter. Blend it with your finger using your fingers to create a raised arch look. This will make your entire eye region appear as if it has been lifted up.


Your tinted moisturizers are just like your BB creams. They are mainly used for concealing your imperfections for a natural glow by just mixing your tinted with a concealer. This gives you the right amount of coverage and VOILA you are all set to head out for your formal lunches.


Oh how we wish we all were blessed with lips as full as the evergreen Angelina Jolie. Not to worry, with the recent techniques you can also get those dream lips. For a flirtier look, be bold enough to trace out your lips with a lip pencil outside your natural line. Make sure to trace out a natural looking line just slightly outside your lips otherwise you would look like a complete cartoon if you get too aggressive with it.


Ahh it is always a pain to check your liner once applied. There are times when the eyeliner goes out of line from the place where you first applied it. This usually happens in the summers as the weather is more humid hence the liner starts wearing off. You can use a water proof liner to avoid this but then those liners are really tough to wash away and your lashes may also get harmed during this procedure. To avoid waterproof liners and to make your regular liners stay in place at the same time, simply apply a loose or pressed powder right below the liner on your lower eyelid. This will form some sort of an obstacle and will prevent your liner from going downwards.

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